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A Leading Indian Manufacturer of Precast Concrete Product

About Us

Who we are

BRHC Pipe Industries, established in 2010, is envisaged as the supreme manufacturer of concrete pipes and precast concrete products. Derived from the parent firm Babu Ram Harish Chander, a compelling name in the cement trading sector since 1946, BRHC Pipe Industries envisions delivering the premium quality precast concrete solutions and real-time services.

We've been associated and have worked with some of the most esteemed clients of national repute extending to various sectors of the construction industry including land development, project engineering, cable management, irrigation supply, water management and sewer management.

Enhancing and widening its services day by day to serve complete precast concrete solutions, BRHC Pipe Industries through its quality and innovation-driven approach continues to carve a positive trajectory.


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why choose Us

We Build Quality

All our products are precisely manufactured to ensure highest standards of quality and sustainability. From choosing first-rate raw materials to adopting high-tech processes, BRHC Pipe Industries provides nothing less than supreme.

Complete precast concrete solutions

BRHC serves as a one-stop destination for all precast concrete needs. We offer a wide range of precast concrete products, covering all the applications and requirements of the industry.

Expertise knowledge

On grounds of our analytic market research, we are experts in assisting costumers in not only finding their best suits, as in which product to choose, what sizes will fit according to their requirements but also by providing diagrammatic assistance for better understanding of the customers.

Cognizance of raw materials

An advantage BRHC Pipe Industries has over other counterparts in this segment is the advanced cognizance of raw materials owing to years of experience in the cement trading.

Competitive Pricing

We endeavor to prosper a win-win situation for us as well as our customers. With reasonable quotation structures and premium quality deliverance at the same time, we ensure all our clients are satisfied.

On-time deliverance

Timely deliverance is as important as quality deliverance to us. BRHC believes that real-time services are essential for overall customer satisfaction and we strive to create a timely-delivered portfolio.

We are the leading producers of precast concrete products in India!